25 July 2008

You're kidding....you're not kidding

As I type this I am looking out on my backyard, where some laundry hangs from our patio cover. Fortunately, I live in a suburb built about 1951, so Homeowner's Associations are non-existent. Not only can I hang out laundry without fear of reprisal, I installed galvanized hooks specifically for the purpose! Vivre la libertaire! I find that dryers beat the crap out of my clothes and shorten their usable lifespan by approximately two-thirds (especially my boxers). Of course I use a dryer for towels, jeans, socks, etc, but a good portion of the clothes are hung to dry. In the winter it can get crowded in the galley-sized bathroom, but such is life. This story on examiner.com (San Francisco) resonated.

Actually, mine has been hanging out there two days. I'd better bring it in now.

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