12 July 2008

Do you call it accidental...

...when you give your seven-year old a camera and they start taking interesting photos? Granted, this was one keeper out of a lot of dross, but that's about my own average ratio, too.

Since my kids are woefully underexposed to television they tend to actually "play" a great deal. For the past few weeks, however, they have been largely confined to the indoors due to the poor air quality in Northern California. This has meant a lot of dress-up type activity, and bridal play is one of their favorites. This is only mildly distressing to me since it has been made clear to them that "college" comes before "marriage". I do find myself asking them "what did you take your degree in?" To which my 9-year old replies, "Reading," bless her little heart...


  1. Having just given my own 9-year old daughter (who also will likely major in Reading) her first typewriter, I can completely dig what you're saying.
    She has her own (kid-safe) digital camera, and takes some bizarre shots. We have a blast downloading them all to the PC every week or so.

    Love your blog. Thanks for commenting on my LJ and linking to it.

  2. My own daughter has taken some amazingly interesting photos with her crappy digital camera as well. My favorite is the series that starts with a ceiling light, then her hand in the way, then the hand gets closer, and closer, and finally blocks the lens.

    Love the swirling effect, she looks like a top.

  3. I've given them our old family workhorse--a 4 mp Canon--and I'm looking forward to the results. Please update me if you post some of your own kid-pics.

    There are a lot of lomographers out there, but I find myself going back to this Brazilian Blogger site--listed on my "Other Thin Air" section.

    Thanks for the comments, guys.